Friday, 30 April 2010

Cronyism alive and well ...

Just a quick post to let you know that a mate of mine, Vishal Odera has set up a gaming blog with one of his comrades. It's called Cafe Turbo and is fast finding it's feet as a repository of gaming advice, hints and venting spleen. Vish is a fellow Pressganger and all round great bloke, and is always ready to give advice and I find it particularly helpful to have such a knowledgable Warmachine player as advisor.

They also cover 40K and the like, but as I don't play any GW games I can live without that shit. Language is a little fruity and coarse (Unlike this paragon of moral rectitude) but they do have a content warning. Great fun and well written, so go over there and join the community.


Angry at UA cost

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  1. I like the labels you added. Good stuff!

    The rage due to UA cost is probably to do with the goddamn Bane Thrall UA. Is this correct? :D