Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Second Picture Update ...

Bit of a lackluster update today (to match the damn model). So, as promised, here are some crappy pictures of my attempt to match the PP studio Retribution paint scheme. Painting while ill, remember, is not a wise thing to do. Of course, it didn't stop me from fucking up my model and not having easy access to Simple Green, I'll most likely toss the model when it's done. Fucking Matt DiPietro, he made it sound so fucking simple - just add 3 drops of Radiant Platinum, 1 drop of Red Ink and 2 of Blue Ink and 3 drops of Armour Wash my fucking arse. I ended up with a green sword and really dark purple metal everywhere else. Why didn't any of you bastards remind me how fucking strong inks actually are? Well, as long as I can amuse you, I suppose.

Here's the first picture, Kaelyssa's sword:

Oh, that dark line isn't fucking shadow, it's the ink I was told to use. For fuck's sake. At least the compression on the .jpg toned down the shine. Perhaps that's why she's such an effective warcaster - her sword blinds her opponents.

What a load of shit, eh? Well prepare yourself: here's the next one, Kaelyssa herself.

So this is the main body. I do tend to be a quite messy painter, tidying up as I go, but bugger me. Not very nice to say the least. Well, actually, that's like gilding a turd. It has made me think, though. While it's nice (ha!) to try to do your best to improve, it's fucking slow going getting an army done. So I have decided to start another project while this one is going on: getting my Skorne onto the tabletop. To do this, I'm going to speedpaint my tits off, and alternate between the two factions. So tomorrow I'll start the prep on some Skorne (I have a fair amount) with a view to having a portion of them ready for undercoating by Sunday. As for the colour scheme, I'll be going for a monochromatic look similar to the film '300'.

That's right, I'll be ripping off Ron Kruzie's idea from No Quarter. Hell, he's the head of the Privateer painting studio, he hired Matt DiPietro so it's his fault I messed up on this model and I can feel no guilt whatsoever stealing his colour scheme.

See? Justification is easy.

Just ask the Bush family.

Angry because he hasn't had anything to eat yet


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  2. Inks. Ah. Their strength is matched only by their flavour - quite literally in my case. Mending the point on a '00' gauge Windsor and Newton brush with one's lips regularly lead to the consumption of more ink than actually appeared on the damn miniatures. At least, that was the case back in my day, when the first generation of Citadel Inks were the thing. I don't recall precisely which colour had the strongest appeal for me gastronomically, but it would most likely have been somewhere between the brown and purple inks.

  3. There's a bodily fluid joke in there somewhere, methinks. Foundation paints, however, taste really wrong. There's something in the formulation of Chinese paints that's ... different. Still, you could have warned me about them. Bad show.

  4. I have to say I don't recall Citadel producing a white ink, although this would have been more or less indispensable. Um, 'yummy', a thin milk to glaze and wash with.

  5. Windsor and Newton produce a white ink. SPOOGE!