Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Customary cervix to be resumed presently ...

There has been a bit of a paucity of updates over the last week or so, I know. The reason for this is I had been working my arse off helping organise a wargames show. Like a fucking lead balloon, before you ask. It turns out that the wargames community as a whole (ie you) are a bunch of bastards. That's right, the fault for my failure lies squarely with you and not with me or anything I did wrong.

Still, there's always next year, and hopefully the Warmachine/Hordes community will actually support this one, instead of just one person turning up.

I think Matt DiPietro was in town, so the security closed off all the roads around our area. Fucking celebrities, eh?

On a painty side, I did get the Skorne test model finished. I learned that painting quickly should not mean rushed (I fucked up the skin) and it looks quite ... well, there will be a photo or two in the next update, before the end of the week.

I also have to get a Retribution solo done, finish off Kaelyssa and get another solo painted. However, I have decided to go off on my first 'official' tangent. No, the army painting thing doesn't count - it's in the same universe. This tangent is Big Boris MkII, from Heresy Miniatures. Big boris is sculpted by Andy Foster, and is how barbarians should be. Hugely muscled half ogres the likes of which haven't been seen for ages in this world of too much detail and bizarre action poses (like the Infinity sniper balancing on one fucking leg).

Andy also has the license to produce Thrud miniatures, and also makes the fabled Netherlord II - a half a kilo of metal with the biggest cock you've ever seen on a miniature. Seriously, it's called the 'Netherwang'.

Go buy loads of stuff from him, he's a great bloke and the miniatures are awesome, too.

Angry at you in particular


  1. Am I allowed to mention Big Boris' Big Pouch without fear of homophobic reprisals? I'm talking about how noticeable it is in the middle of the three pictures of the paint job by Ng Kai Teck. Whilst I'm not about to profess a savage desire for his mighty MK II wang, it nevertheless amused me to think that sculptor Andy Foster laboured over that portion of Boris' meaty frame for, ooo, more minutes than not.

  2. See that'll teach me not to comment on a post before reaching the end of it. What is it with miniature sculptors and mighty wangs? Netherlord II's unconscionable 'Netherwang' is surely the admittance of decades of repression amongst the mini sculpting fraternity. Is there a social study pending and if so, will its results prove decisive where violently repressed homo erotic tendencies are concerned? Next up: a host of daemonic plodes in 54mm.

  3. I'm up for daemon cocks in 40k. Plus, it makes a change from painting huge tits all the time. I'm comfortable enough with my sexuality to not be on the turn with a pewter cock.