Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Tangents within tangents within ovaries ...

Bit of a surprise package arrived today, so I have yet another model stealing my attention - Major Dreadful from the SmartMax range. This is a wonderful resin miniature, extremely well cast especially when compared to Forge World. Barely any mold lines and flashing and, comparing it to the Khorne Daemon Prince out back, much more character.

French quirkyness works on so many levels, especially in their women. However, I have chosen to paint a fat, English lawman and his bulldog (which has a realistically detailed shitbox).

Sigh. Sometimes I hate having so much choice, I am the prevaricator supreme.

Anyway, get your arses down to Wargames Inc if you want to berate me for my language. I'll have to be polite to you, I'll be in public.

Angry with options


  1. Nothing wrong with the Major Dreadful mini except the damn price. Say how much?

  2. £25, my old muckersparrowcockerkneerhyming bollocks. Worth it if you see just how fine scale it is in reality - I broke part of mine already. No, not the dog rectum - let's not go down the resin bestiality route yet.